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FAQ's & Vaccine Policy

  • Vaccine Policy
    At LOTO Groom Room, your pet's safety and wellbeing is our first and foremost concern. That's why we have various protocals in place to reduce illness and accidents. We ask that all pets visiting be vaccinated. Vaccinations must be given by a liscensed veterinarian at least 48 hours before attending LOTO Groom Room. Rabies vaccines are required for all grooming and spa visitors. The Rabies, DHPP, Lepto and Bordetella vaccines are required for our Daycare players. Additionally we ask that all pets are free of communicable diseases for 30 days. Below is additional information regarding the required vaccines: RABIES: Required once before 16 weeks of age for puppies, then given one year later then every three years going forward. (Or as recommended by your veterinarian.) Pets are required by law to be vaccinated against the rabies virus because this deadly virus can be spread to humans. DHPP, DHLPP, (also called the Distemper): Required as a puppy series starting at 6-8 weeks old, boosted at 3-week intervals and again a year later. Puppies can visit the daycare after they had at least (2) DHPP boosters in addition to other vaccines. BORDETELLA (Kennel Cough): Required every 12 months from date of vaccine given. *Canine Infulenza (dog flu) vaccination is highly recommended for all social dogs. The dog flu is a highly contagious virus and the vaccination offers excellent protection.*
  • Do I need to make a reservation?
    Yes! For both, grooming/spa and daycare services, reservations are required. To make a reservation please call The Groom Room during business hours. Monday - Friday 7:30am - 5:30pm Grooming (573)-873-2062 Daycare (573)-873-2316
  • What are the benefits of daycare?
    Frequent partcipation in our daycare has many benefits, some include: Regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight. Improved socialization with dogs and people. Relief of boredum, seperation anxiety, and destructive behavior. Overall increase in happiness.
  • This is an enviroment with dogs of different sizes. Is it safe for my smaller dog to be there?
    For the safety of our players, with larger group numbers, we will seperate friends into groups bases on size, temperment, and activity level. Safety is our number one concern, if we feel any dog is not suited for daycare we will openly discuss this with you.
  • Do dogs get hurt?
    Similar to children on a playground, it is possible for dogs to sustain minor injuries while at The DogHouse Daycare. During normal play, a dog may end up with small scratches, nicks, or lose some fur. More serious injuries are rare, but can happen. If serious treatment is needed, we will call you and rush your pup to the closest emergency vet, if minor injuries occur we will promptly call you so that you can bring your pet to your veterinarian.
  • Are you prepared in case of an illness or injury?
    Yes! In case of an illness or injury, our first concern is always the well-being of your pet. If necessary, we can take them to the nearest vet, or if possible, their own vet. We will always contact the pet parent in this type of scenario.
  • I have an older dog, will they enjoy daycare?
    All dogs are different, this will completely depend on each dog. Some of our older daycare visitors do great with the younger companions. Our first day evaluation process will help determine if our environment is right for your pet. We also regularly evaluate our players behaviors, so if we find that your pet isn't assimilating well, we will let you know.
  • What should I expect when my dog comes home from daycare?
    Your dog may come home tired. Why? Because it's one of the GREAT benefits of daycare! Dogs play all day so it's natural to be tired after a long day of fun and play! It is not uncommon for dogs to come home and sleep. Your dog may also be thirsty. Water is available at all times in the play areas, but playing hard does make dogs thirsty. If your dog's paws are sensitive, there is no need to worry. It's common for dog's pads to be sore after playing, especially after they first start coming to play. Most dog's paws are not used to playing all day but they will grow stonger the more they visit.
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